Bereavement – Thank you Harry

Prince Harry was incredibly brave in acknowledging publicly how after 20 years of ‘not processing the death of his mother’ he finally sought professional help.  For me this is welcome on many levels.  First of all it helps reduce the stigma of anyone reaching out to a counsellor.  It’s OK to feel down and out of sorts long after a ‘problem’ has passed, sometimes it doesn’t even feel in any way related !  It’s never too late ask for help.  I often have clients who will say ‘but my Mum / Dad died years ago why am I feeling like this now?’  It just goes to show that just because we don’t deal with an issue, such a bereavement, at the time doesn’t make it go away.  The British stiff upper lip may get us through a crisis but I believe that it only serves to store up problems for the future.  When we sweep things under the carpet for long enough it will eventually trip us up !

Thank you Harry

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